About Us


My goal for this site is about enjoying life and sharing what is going on in the world.   On the blog I will post articles I find interesting, tips, and tricks.

The weekly schedule:

Monday – Royalty “People of royal blood or ‘status’”

Tuesday – Tech “The knowledge of techniques, processes, and the like.”

Wednesday – Pets “our companions”

Thursday - Edible Delectables - Food Art “My favorite Pinterest board”

Friday – Entrepreneurship & How to Make Money “Let’s Collaborate” 

Saturday - Facts & Figures “All the ‘In-Between’”  

Sunday – Spirituality “Life is more than just living”

Our mantra is “We make life fun, Informative and Enlightening”  

Full disclosure: Affiliate links may be posted which helps to 

monetize my passion of blogging and sharing life. 

Thank you for visiting and please come back soon.

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